Indian Airlines appoints first female CEO


Indian Airlines appoints first female CEO
Indian Airlines appoints first female CEO

India has appointed Harpreet A. D. Singh as CEO of Alliance Air, a regional subsidiary of Air India (AI), making it the first time a woman has become the CEO of an Indian carrier.

Report published in the Times of India

According to a report in the Times of India, AI CMD Rajiv Bansal issued an order yesterday stating that “Harpreet AT will hold the post of Alliance Air CEO until further orders.”

              Singh is currently the Managing Director of AI (Air Defense). In his place, the new ED of AI is now Captain Nivedita Pasin, who is currently reported to be one of the most senior commanders on board the Being 787 Dreamliner.

Captain Nivedita Pasin has been asked to lead several departments in view of her experience.

Who is Harpreet Singh?

According to the Times of India, Harpreet Singh was the first female pilot to be selected by Air India in 1988. Although Harpreet Singh is unable to fly due to health reasons,she is very active in aviation safety. The Indian Women Pilots Association is headed by Singh. The association also includes senior female commanders such as Pasin and Captain Kshamta Bajpayee, all of whom are seen as role models among emerging pilots.

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Alliance Air not sold with Air India:

According to a report in the Times of India, Alliance Air India-AI Express-ISATs will not be sold and will remain a public sector entity for the time being.

If the Maharaja acquires the buyer and privatizes, AI’s old Boeing 747 aircraft will now be transferred to Alliance Air, which now has turboprophies.

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1.What percentage of airline pilots are female?

       Globally appointing 15%of female  airline staffs

2.what are female pilots are called?

         Female pilots are also called as”AVIATRICES”

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