Introducing Sai Processor WhatsApp for Communication in the Army!!!


Sai Processor WhatsApp for Communication in the Army
Sai Processor WhatsApp for Communication in the Army

It has been reported that a security messaging app like WhatsApp is currently being launched under the name of Sai for the work of Prime Minister Modi, Admiral Bharat in the Army. It is also reported that it will be introduced for a secure dialogue between the military.

Indian Army!

There are various divisions in the Indian Army. Many of these players are serving. They need a secure system for exchanging and communicating their information. The Ministry of Security has issued a statement calling for the creation of a messaging system that would be similar to commercially available messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Samwat and Gyms.

Sai – App!!

An app has now been developed to match that search by the Ministry of Defense. It is called the Safe Application to the Internet (SAI). It has been reported that this web application will include secure voice, text and video calling services.

The SAI evaluates security features with local servers and codes, and they can be modified as needed,”the Ministry of Defense said in a statement. It seems that the work is currently underway.

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