Unemployment rises by 30% in India – shocking information in the study!


Unemployment rises by 30% in India
Unemployment rises by 30% in India

It has been reported that the unemployment rate in India is increasing day by day and has increased by 30% over the previous year. LinkedIn’s research firm has officially announced this. The main goal is to get employment in everyone’s life. Since there are different levels of employment, the goal of most people is to get high-level jobs. But in the present era, getting a job has become a debt. Thus fierce competition is taking place between the diverse graduates.

Unemployment is on the rise!!

Unemployment has always been a problem in India. According to LinkedIn’s research firm, the number is increasing every year as graduates from each field seek employment outside their respective fields.

According to the study, unemployment in India is expected to increase by 30% in 2020 compared to 2019. In India, Python is set to become the fastest-growing programming language in 2019-2020, with machine learning, data architecture, digital marketing and HTML 5 becoming more widely used, the research firm said.

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is unemployement really high in india?

  yes,it is increasing rapidly day by day compared to 2019

which state in india has the highest unemployement?

states like Meghalaya,goa and Andhra Pradesh has the highest unemployement in india.

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